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Within, Scene #01

[HD video] — Soon, the leeward move stormy and the vehemence goes out. Gwen is nervous because she's not used to the isolation of the country. As he looks around, a peculiarity of wind proceeding the trees. They have sex, with Luna sloggingly leading the shy and groping Gwen through her first lesbian experience. Tarps are highly over poles in a haphazardly manner. As they are about to enter the blood, Gwen seems to sense something. As he begins to prepare the rabbit, he is suddenly roused when he senses something. She move around and looks back at the woods. Satisfied that his overlook has surrendered nothing, he walks away. The girls administer suntan lotion to each other, their hands rubbing their glistening bodies as the man watches, unbeknownst to them. They chat about their new sympathy, discussing the fact that Gwen has recently gotten out of a relationship. Following his senses, he walks back through the woods until he comes upon a nearby cottage. An old fire lingers in front. The woods are unconditionally silent. As lightning periodically illuminates the darkened cabin, Luna reveals that she is sensing a subtle romantic vibe from Gwen. Later that night, the girls turn a movie as the man peers in from outside through a window. He holds a rabbit, which he has noticeably just anchored. They are here for a weekend outlet that Luna posted. As they screw, lightning continues to flash. In that slit champion, we see that the man stands directly over them. After some initial reluctance from Gwen, since she has never been with a woman before, they detail a tender moment and kiss. Lightning flashes. We slowly pan up to disclose a extremely disheveled looking man (Michael Vegas), his back turned to us. The trees blow in the screw, but she sees nothing. We approach him as he walks through the woods, finally arriving at a makeshift camp. The man has something special planned for the herbaceous, but not everything is as it seems.. The room is then plunged back into obscurity. He looks around, scanning the area. Luna determined the weekend departed as a destresser for Gwen. Hidden in the swab, he watches as a car pulls up and two women get out, Luna (Emily Willis) and Gwen (Emma Hix). Midway through the sex, the girls are lost in each other, both of their eyes closed. CUT TO TITLEA short time later, the girls are sunning themselves on the dock. 'Whosoever is delighted in solitude is either a savage beast or a god'-Francis BaconWITHINWomen At Isolated Cabin Are Stalked By Mysterious HermitSCENE OPENS on a close-up of a deal, crisp and perfect.

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