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Three Princesses Prince Charming

[HD video] — All three girls can't get enough of Prince Charming's hardon. Their argument is interrupted by a doorbell, which turns out to be an exterminator who's had reports of critters. Laying on the couch, she spreads her thighs as Prince Charming gives her the D. The other two princesses continue to be kind, but they also become more aggressive about indulging their own pleasure. There is nothing sweeter than a shaved vulva. She feels the tongue inside her pussy and gets turned on immediately. Snow White and Sleeping Beauty allowance Cinderella ascend onto the tiptoe. When the exterminator in to, he's tied up and dressed as Prince Charming. The princesses prove they're experts at sharing as they each take a whirl sucking Prince Charming's take stick. Pushing her sheer thong aside, Cinderella slides down on that open man meat and goes for a ride as her fellow princesses estop her out by sucking her tits and rubbing her clit. By the time Sleeping Beauty gets a spin with Prince Charming inside her, Cinderella is ready to cum again and climbs on the couch to ride Sleeping Beauty's mouth. They pull it from his dihedral after taking move stroking it. Snow White is the next to get her feline pounded. The princesses then arrange themselves in a three-high cat stack for Prince Charming to fuck. She sucks his cock until he reaches her throat. He manages to meet all three before he pulls out to nut all over Cinderella's tanned bottom. Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty continue to wait together for their Prince Charming. The girls are all finally satisfied, but as the trio is ranting with Snow White and Sleeping Beauty licking the cum from Cinderella's ass and snowballing it with her Prince Charming makes his egress. As Cinderella cums, the princesses bring to untie Prince Charming so he can fuck the other two in different positions. The three princesses don't abide by anyone fucking with the critters, so Snow White ill the exterminator out. The waiting has gotten to them and they can't stop snapping at each other.

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