Emily Willis

Emily Willis

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March 2021 Flavor Of The Month Emily Willis - S1:E7

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When Lawson Jones, Emily Willis's stepbrother, and his friend Rob Piper get home, Emily is glued to her phone. Rob is told by Lawson to fuck his sister while he's watching. Rob is a little dubious, but Emily shows him that her stepbrother is correct when it comes to her interest in him by purposefully dropping her phone and making a huge show out of bending down to pick it up. Rob agrees, given Emily's willingness, after taking a long hard look at that ass. Emily doesn't hesitate to enter the kitchen and reaches for a glass on the highest shelf. Rob offers to help as he notices her suffering. The two meet eyes, and Emily reaches down to cup Robs' hardon with her hand while they make love. Lawson follows Emily as she shows Rob to the bedroom. Emily is aware that he is present, but she doesn't mind as she is able to finally place her hands and mouth exactly where she has always wanted to—on Rob's fuck stick. Emily goes one step further and sits on top of Rob's dick once she is satisfied with her blowjob so she can fill her tight tiny twat up with his massive hardon. That enormous cock is Emily's dream come true—bouncing away on it. Emily plants her pussy on Rob's face and sways her hips, inviting his tongue to eat her alive. She then advances to mount him in reverse cowgirl fashion. Emily eventually finds herself on her knees with Rob slamming her in the dog. Emily rolled onto her back and spread her thighs, clearly craving more even though she had already reached her climax all around Rob's hardon in doggie. Rob gives her one last huge O, then pulls out and cumps all over her tits and tummy, guided by her moans.